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Dragons- CBD Hemp Flower

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Meet Dragons, she quite colorful with her purple tones, reds and oranges.  This Sativa/Indica cross, slightly more on the Sativa side is quite smooth, with hints of pine and lemon along with some floral tones.  She has been described by some as being great for the daytime by some and evenings by others,  and also has relaxing and calming components.

"Great for pain, calming,  relaxing I have been using this most at bedtime, high pain days/ rest days one of my most favorite strains!"

"This stain for me is very uplifting. I find myself laughing and just all around In a great mood. She worked great with my spasticity in my legs. The more I smoked the more sedative I felt. Great day time smoke and night cap for sleep.


This strain boast 17.2% CBDa and <LOQ Δ9 THC.  Listed below are other components of this product.


Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:

17.2% CBDA
17.9 % CBD (Total)
<LOQ Delta 9 THC 

(<LOQ = Results below the Limit of Quantitation - Compound not detected)


Terpene Analysis

   Mg/g           Terpene
0.102        Limonene
.685          beta-Myrcene
0.211        trans-Caryophyllene
.12            alpha-Humulene
0.0758      alpha-Farnesene


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