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Delight- CBD Hemp Flower

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Hey world, meet Delight. She has beautiful dense nugs, and has very sweet flavors, almost desert-like!  This strain presents aroma's similar to fruit loop cereal, with berry notes. Delight is loaded with pink hairs and beautiful trichomes.  If you are looking for a Sativa dominant strain, this is the plant for you.


Reviews for this strain:

"Motivation, Peaceful and Clarity of the Mind"

"Lightweight great for daytime use"

"Great for Anti anxiety another one of my favorite strains!"

"This strain packs a subtle mix of uplifting and slight euphoric effects. Calming yet stimulating. Heavy eye feel accompanied by crystal clear vision. Smell I pick up light pine with hints of mixed juicy berries. Taste is a amazing sensory overload on the palate of lemon, pine and slight hash taste. Burns great smoke great."


This strain boast 22.6% CBDa and <LOQ Δ9 THC.  Listed below are other components of this product.


Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:

22.6% CBDA
20.453 % CBD (Total)
<LOQ Delta 9 THC 

(<LOQ = Results below the Limit of Quantitation - Compound not detected)


Terpene Analysis

   Mg/g %         Terpene
0.223    alpha-Pinene
.0209    Limonene
0.0223  trans-Nerolidol
.0467    alpha-Bisabolol
.0938    beta, cis-Ocimene
.0314    Sabinene
.412      beta-Myrcene
.058      Terpinolene
.0223    cis-Nerolidol
.256      trans-Caryophyllene
.12        alpha-Humulene
.0912    alpha-Farnesene
.0938    trans, beta-Ocimene

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-Heavy Metals


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